Ultima 2: Enilno

Produced by: Sage, Titans of Ether
Website: Titans of Ether

Much like Ultima 1: A Legend is Reborn (later ERA, now defunct), this project aimed, initially, to re-create an Ultima game using a custom-built 3D engine.

Sage and his team plan to re-tell the tale of Ultima 2 from the Sosarian perspective. While their game will feature Earth in the plot, it is set in the lands of Sosaria in the transitional time between Ultima 1 and Ultima 3, during the reign of Minax.

As of August 2005, Sage has joined with the Titans of Ether to bring Enilno to life with their help, using the Morrowind engine (or, more probably, Oblivion, assuming the project ever resumes development). According to the Enilno FAQ, we should not expect to see this project resume until Ultima IX: Redemption is complete, at the earliest.

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