Ultima 2 Upgrade

Produced by: Voyager Dragon, Moonstone Dragon, Micro Dragon
Website: The Exodus Project
Website: ultima-exodus @ Bitbucket

The Ultima 2 Upgrade

Voyager Dragon’s upgrade for Ultima 2, which adds EGA graphics, hotkey support, and makes other improvements to the MS-DOS version of the game.

Moonstone Dragon’s Galactic Patch

Moonstone Dragon’s Galactic Patch for Ultima 2 (adds maps for some of the inner planets in the solar system).

Micro Dragon’s Speed Fix

Micro Dragon’s Speed Fix patch for Ultima 2

A comprehensive effort to upgrade Ultima 2 by Voyager Dragon. The patche makes a number of improvements to the original game, including the addition of EGA graphics (an improvement over the 4 color original), lower-case text, better save game handling, and hotkey support.

Also included here are Moonstone Dragon’s Galactic Patch (which adds maps for some of the inner planets in the solar system) and Micro Dragon’s Speed Patch (which corrects an annoying divide-by-zero error the game experiences when running on faster systems).

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